Reflecting on PR Pubs

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I have reached the finish line in PR Publications with a portfolio of design projects to be proud of! The final project was a reflection of the journey I endured this semester. I chose to create an infographic on Canva and incorporated the Summary of Learning into a consistent “journey” theme. To accomplish this, I added […]

Reflection on PR Pubs!

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Wow! What an amazing semester! I truly think I learned more about myself over these past few months. As always mentioned, I am a procrastinator but I truly owe it to this class because that has drastically changed. I learned the value of time management because with design projects, one really can’t wait until the […]

Final reflection on PR Pubs

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I’m a huge fan of online classes. I know that most of my peers/friends don’t like them because they fear they won’t get all of the work done. I mention this because I have taken around 10 online classes at OU. The format of this class has by far been the easiest to understand/keep up […]

Final Reflection: Summary of Learning!

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This is it, the final reflection! I had a lot of fun reflecting on this class while making my summary of learning project. I chose to use Storybird to create a picture book because I loved the idea of it, and it’s also something new that I haven’t used before. The idea for my storybook […]

Plan for my domain

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I think I will continue using my domain after Pubs ends in a few weeks. My goal is to redesign my website to focus more on my writing and design portfolio. I think having a portfolio is really valuable when applying for jobs and/or internships. I am proud of a lot the work I have […]