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My second stakeholder will be alumni who have current senior. 17-18 years old, child of alumni, National Merrit Scholars and male or female. The stakeholder I’m targeting is high school seniors with parents who also went to OU. OU is an amazing school to keep in the family. At OU, the education you receive is […]


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My stakeholder for this assignment will be parents of my previous stakeholder. They are between 40 and 50 years of age, living in a rural area. Both parents are  alumni of the University of Oklahoma and consistently donate to the school and regularly attend sporting events. I chose parents of the stakeholder because they will […]

Brainstorming My Second Stakeholder

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I have really enjoyed this assignment! It has been fun brainstorming different types of audiences to try to persuade. My first stakeholder, 17-19 year old out of state kids is one that I am going to change up a bit. I want to define more 17-19 year old girls, who are out of state, who also have a parent or relative who is an alumni. This being said, I want to make my second stakeholder a parent that went to…

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Direct Mailer: Second Stakeholder

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For my second direct mailer, I’m going to direct all of my attention towards the parents of National Merit Scholars. These are going to be an incredibly important stakeholder to sway because they have direct and immense influence on my original stakeholder, National Merit Scholars. I’m hoping to convince these stakeholders to send their kids … Continue reading Direct Mailer: Second Stakeholder

Second Stakeholder

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For my second stakeholder, I decided the best thing to choose would be the parent of the student. My first stakeholder is a transfer student, or rather someone who is thinking about transferring or where to transfer. The person who will be most influential on this decision is the parent. Many students rely fully on […]

Stakeholder #2

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On to stakeholder #2 we go! After completing a series of assignments for stakeholder #1, I have a better idea on what audience I really want to target. When thinking about a second stakeholder, I thought back to what I thought was important when choosing an university. I was extremely interested in getting involved in the […]