Final Reflection: Summary of Learning!

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This is it, the final reflection! I had a lot of fun reflecting on this class while making my summary of learning project. I chose to use Storybird to create a picture book because I loved the idea of it, and it’s also something new that I haven’t used before. The idea for my storybook […]

Planned Medium for Summary of Learning

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I want to challenge myself for the Summary of Learning project so I’m choosing to branch out of my comfort zone. I am going to try and make a animated video with GoAminate. I am pretty excited about starting the project. I have never made a animated video before so I’m sure I’ll be watching […]

Deciding on a medium

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I’ve decided to make a movie trailer using iMovie as my medium for my summary of learning. I’m very familiar with this tool because I’ve when I was younger and it’s the one I feel most comfortable using. I will first need to write a script. Then I will assemble props and a cast. I will film on […]

Medium for Final

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For my final project I am going to use Storybird to create a storybook of my journey throughout the semester in this class. I will use images from our assignments throughout the semester. I also plan to take a few photos to use in the storybook. I haven’t thought too much about how many pages … Continue reading Medium for Final

Medium for Summary of Learning

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The medium that I am using to tell my summary of learning story is an animation video. I am creating this video through My plan of attack for completing this animation video is first writing an outline of my story. I wrote an outline of my journey through PR Pubs in a word document. […]

Decide on your Medium

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Out of all the assignments, I thoroughly enjoyed creating the graphics on Canva. I was able to use creativity and still use the guidance from the templates to steer me in the right direction. I liked how organized the site was and all of the templates provided. I also liked the assortment of social media […]

Let’s Choose A Medium

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  I have decided to do the Direct Mailer design recruiting students for PR Publications in InDesign. Although I may also use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in creating aspects of it. I think something that could really resonate with future students would be to see what they might be creating themselves and well as how…