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I have reached the finish line in PR Publications with a portfolio of design projects to be proud of!

The final project was a reflection of the journey I endured this semester. I chose to create an infographic on Canva and incorporated the Summary of Learning into a consistent “journey” theme. To accomplish this, I added a graphic at the top with a car on a dirt road to appear behind the title and description of the infographic. Next, I placed several roads from clip art to mark each major project as if they were a landmark in my journey, progressively improving. I provided an example of each design next to the description. At the bottom of the infographic, I added a finish line and car to represent overcoming several challenges and reaching a sense of accomplishment.

Reflecting on PR Pubs

This course has caused me to grow as a PR student, leading me to be more confident in my future endeavors. Each week came with a new design assignment on Photoshop, InDesign or Canva, which are all programs useful and relevant to a practitioner’s everyday tasks. I can now utilize the skills I mastered on these programs to make myself more appealing to potential employers as they look for these qualifications in an intern or employee. Reflecting on the assignments each week on my personal domain was not only a way to emphasize the importance of the design projects but highlight the progress I continued to make with the completion of each assignment. Initially, writing for a public audience was intimidating but I quickly learned that writing publically is everything my career will consist of.

Overall, I grew in this class by continuing to challenge myself instead of settling. As each assignment got more difficult, I had to learn more about the programs and the tools which would make the design even better than the previous one. Towards the end, I realized that my projects were more detailed, contained more personality and visual aspects. I grew by constantly learning from past designs and applying that knowledge to new designs.