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It’s been a long, winding road that has led me to the horizon. For my summary of learning project, I made an infographic using Canva. It is yellow (my favorite color) with red details (BOOMER). I chose canva because it was my favorite program to use this semester. Below is a link to the project


The course format was set up well, though sometimes a little overwhelming for someone who has no background in graphic design. Overall though, the course was set up logically and every spaced.

Journaling each week provided me an opportunity to honestly write out what I was good at and what I was not so good at. It was a great forum for self reflection.

I am a fairly proficient writer, so the writing aspect of the class was actually the easiest part for me. I enjoyed combining something that I was good at with something I was new at to provided a good blend of skills.

Though I’m definitely a ways from being a graphic design master, the class definitely gave me a basic understanding of design software. Though for my career, I most likely will not need to use much design software, it is always helpful to have a little knowledge with the programs.

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