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This project was very detailed and in-depth. We didn’t just make a business card and letterhead out of nothing. We researched and learned about our company and what they were about. We went deeper than just what they sell. We learned about what their values are and what they stand for. By researching, we were able to find out what would be best to represent them on their graphics. We also made Pinterest boards to help us get ideas together. I was excited but nervous to start this project because it was a lot of work, and I was new to InDesign. The Pinterest boards helped me get ideas and develop the ones I already had. After playing around in InDesign, I got more comfortable with it and began having fun designing these. Before this project, I hadn’t really thought much about graphic design, but now that I have done this, I realized that I really enjoyed it. It was very fun for me, and I realized that I may have potential for graphic design in my future. I feel a lot more confident in InDesign, and now that I have learned it more I am playing around with it even more outside of this project. My goal is to become really confident and skilled designing things on InDesign. I would love to be able to design in my future and being able to say I can use InDesign would help a lot. Lululemon is a very big company, but I still plan on pitching these to them. Whether they respond to my email or not, it’s worth a shot to get my designs out there for them to see. It can’t hurt to send them to the company, who knows what opportunities could arise from this.

Here are attachments of my final designs.

pr-pub-business-card-pdf      pr-pub-letterhead-pdf

This is the company’s website I learned a lot about the company from.

These are a few of my blogs that explain my research as well as my design plans.


first big project completed