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I really enjoyed this project! It was very fun to create direct mailers that would go to people who we want to come to OU. I liked being able to create different stakeholders and work on direct mailers that would specifically target each one. When we were told about this project, I was excited. OU is seriously the best, and I knew I could showcase the best parts of it for certain people. Once I began thinking about my stakeholders, I had a good idea of what I wanted the direct mailers to look like. I found pictures specific for each one and made sure they all went together. Both of my mailers are definitely picture oriented. I think that it is best for people to not only read about things but to see them. I am still new to Photoshop, but I am really getting the hang of it and loving working with it each week. I have gotten very comfortable with the different tools. The only big difference I have notice between InDesign and Photoshop is the layers. I personally like Photoshop more because I feel like the layers make it much easier to manipulate the design. I don’t think there is anything I would do differently if I were to start over. I really like how my direct mailers turned out! I have enjoyed using these apps a lot and can’t wait to see what our next project is!

PR Pub 3.3 Reflection