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After reading through my blogs, I have really grown through this class. I definitely know how to use the tools much better than I did at the beginning. I remember being so confused and lost trying to learn and use Photoshop and Indesign, and now I love using them and use them all the time. The beginning I had to learn a lot about how to get everything done and working on things throughout the week, so that I could have a new perspective every day I looked at my work. I think that was something that I really learned through this class was to work on something for multiple days because every day you have a fresh look at it and a new perspective. My favorite projects that I did were my direct mailers and Starbuck newsletter. I really liked my direct mailers because I think they really spoke to my target audience. I would have loved to get one in the mail. I think I grew a lot in this class. I also love my Starbucks newsletter. It took my so long, but I was so into making it I didn’t realize how long I had been working on it. I think that shows how much I have grown to love designing. I have learned new skills and how to create different things for public relations. Besides just learning how to use Photoshop and Indesign, I also learned many elements of design in this class from typography to balance. Personally, I think I also grew in how I handle situations. Sometimes designing projections got frustrating and took a lot of time. Sometimes I hated what I did and started all over. I have grown to know that it won’t always be perfect and that sometimes you just need to step back and look at it in a different way. I also learned that no matter how frustrated you are to never just abandon an idea you were once passionate about. You can always make it work and be great.

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