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Since Lululemon is all about yoga, community and positive healthy living their image needs to portray all of these things. It needs to be uplifting and bright. Make people look and make them interested.


  • Bright
  • White and Red since those are their colors but more white

Image driven

  • The visuals should be mostly images with a motivational/uplifting saying
  • Images of groups of people doing things together in the athletic wear
    • Group doing yoga together at the store so people see that and are interested in learning more about the classes offered
  • By showing groups of people happy and interacting together it will convey the positive community Lululemon has
  • People laughing or smiling at each other and the teacher while in the class would show the relationships you gain when you get involved with Lululemon instead of just buying their clothes
  • It needs to show that buying Lululemon will enhance your life and health
  • The logo also needs to be visible because of brand recognition, the little circle ┬álogo on all of their clothes is easily recognizable and is very important to have

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