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Lululemon differs from its competitors because it sends a positive and uplifting message. It also offers free services at the stores, such as yoga. They also emphasize growing the community and creating relationships with their customers, which helps build brand loyalty. Lululemon creates more of an effort to be more than just an athletic wear company. Their advertisements should be very bright, calming and empowering. Also I their ads should really emphasize community by having pictures of groups of people doing things together like doing yoga. This would show that people are not alone when they buy Lululemon. They will have opportunities to build relationships and grow within. Nike advertisements are successful in their own way. They are very intense and usually involve a black background and dark colors. Many of the ads including athletes only show one person. Although these people are very athletic and have reached their goals, it doesn’t give any sense of community. These people are all by themselves, but Nike’s mission is to help people push themselves to their full potential. These ads are perfect for what Nike is trying to portray, but these would not work for Lululemon because they are sending a different message.

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