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Lululemon is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that was founded in Canada in 1998. Originally their designs were made for women to wear to yoga, but have now expanded to selling designs for yoga, running, cycling, training and other athletic activities, as well as making men’s clothing. Aside from selling athletic wear, Lululemon also offers yoga classes at stores as well as online yoga for people to do at home. They want to create a community and relationships with their customers. Its main competitors are other athletic wear companies such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armor. Compared to these brands, Lululemon offers more. They want to share the benefits of yoga and positive living with their customers and want people to be able to learn and discuss healthy living. In addition to their trendy, quality athletic apparel, each store offers yoga classes and a sense of community. People can come together and celebrate their goals and passions. They also are apart of Here to Be, a community-based social impact program that makes the healing benefits of yoga and mediation accessible through nonprofit partnerships. This is another way for them to share the benefits of yoga and breathing to people and reach more people. These practices promote physical and mental health and make positive impacts in peoples lives. This sense of community sets Lululemon apart from all of the other brands. People build relationships and continue purchasing from their company. Lululemon goes above and beyond in their efforts, and people who do not shop their often are not always aware of all of the things they offer other than clothes.

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