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For my first stakeholder, I have chosen a girl between the ages of 17-19. She received a 28 on her ACT and has maintained a 4.0 through high school. She is from an urban area in Texas and her family’s household income is around $120,000. She was very involved with Student Council at her high school and was Class President. She wants to continue being involved and making a difference when she goes to college. She is very close with her family and is nervous to start at a big university far from home all alone. She had a very strong friend group back home that are all attending different colleges, and she is worried she will not be able to make those strong connections and friendships like that somewhere new.┬áSince she is not from Oklahoma and her parents didn’t attend OU, we really need to sell her on how great OU is and show her she would enjoy being up here. My direct mailer is going to focus a lot on how strong our community here at OU. Our campus is very inclusive and friendly, and it is very easy to get involved and make friends. OU really is a family and we want her to be apart of it so we want her to feel welcome and assure her that even if she doesn’t know anyone coming in she will make friends very quickly. I think a great way to do this would be to invite her to sign up for┬áCamp Crimson. It is a very exciting event for incoming freshmen to be apart of, and it helps you make friends even before you begin school. I also think I may add things she could get involved in on campus to make friendships as well such as CAC, SGA and other campus clubs.

PR Pub Stakeholder #1