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For my second stakeholder, I have chosen a girl who is between the ages of 17-19. She is friends with my other stakeholder, so she also is from an urban area in Texas. Her family’s household income is also around $120,000. She got a 25 on her ACT and had a 3.4. She has grown up doing ballet. She was very dedicated and practiced around 20 hours a week. She wants to continue her dance career in college, but is not sure where she wants to go yet. She has been accepted to OU, so we just need to try to get her to see that OU is the perfect place for her to continue her career as a ballerina. OU’s School of Dance is one of the top 3 dance programs in the country. The direct mailer needs to show her some great pictures of the dancers from class and their shows. It also will invite her to come see their upcoming show or to come up to OU and watch a class or meet some teachers and dancers.

PR Pub Stakeholder #2