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This week we worked on social media pieces. We designed a Facebook Cover, Facebook Post, Twitter Header and Instagram post. I was excited about this project because I immediately had an idea of the company I want to do. I chose Epic Pops on Campus Corner because it is new and unique. Instead of using Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, this week we used Canva. I had never used it before, so I was a little nervous about working with it. The tutorials helped a lot though. Canva definitely brought a lot of templates and images to use. The different text arrangement options were a really cool addition. I think one of the limitations of Canva was that it wasn’t always the easiest to work with. It was kind of difficult to transform and stretch the pictures and text to make them the perfect sizes. It was also sometimes hard to move one box if it was close to another one. I think this is a great tool for public relation practitioners because it made it very easy to compose a graphic. There were lots of options and templates that are very useful if you need to create something fast or need help getting started on something.

PR Pub Unit 4.1 Reflection