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This week we finished our newsletters! I have only made one newsletter before. I loved creating it but had to use Word since I didn’t have or know how to use any of the Adobe apps. Now that we have learned how to use InDesign, I will never go back. It made it so much easier to make the layout and move things around. The columns were so helpful and really made the final product look clean and professional. I had a great time working on this project because I really enjoy the design aspect of newsletters and the arrangement more than write articles for them, so this project was perfect because we were able to use a big company who already has newsworthy articles. I chose to do my newsletter over Starbucks because who doesn’t love Starbucks. It is also the holiday season so Starbucks is very popular with their holiday drinks and cups. My target public was Starbucks drinkers that are excited about all the new things Starbucks will offer this year. I used articles about the new red cups and the customers who designed them, as well as a new holiday cream they unveiled. I also found an article about 10 new ways to customize your fall drinks. I love when I get recommendations on new things to try at Starbucks, so I would assume other people would as well. This gets them excited and wanting to go and try something new! Some of the customized drinks they listed sound amazing. I will definitely be trying them out. I also made sure my design was very upbeat and not too plain. I made sure there were lots of pictures, as well as the Starbuck green throughout the pages. Pictures really draw people in, and that’s really what I wanted to accomplish with my newsletter. I wanted people to see the front and want to keep reading. Although putting together this newsletter took a lot of time, I really had fun doing it and seeing how far it came and especially seeing the final product. Here is my newsletter for Starbucks!


PR Pub Unit 5.1 Reflection – Finished Newsletter