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For my Summary of Learning I created a direct mailer to recruit people to enroll in this class for an upcoming semester. We learned so much in this class that I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate it all in one design. I decided to type out all of the different things we learned and arrange them in the shape of Oklahoma. I thought that would be an interesting and eye catching design that would inform them all of the things they will learn and some things you do in the course while showing some of what I learned through this class. This design keeps you interested because of the vast amount of words and phrases and the different sizes. Every time you look you see one you may not have seen before. I think this also represents the large amount of things we learned through this class. Here is my direct mailer. PR Pubs Reflection

Overall this class has been insanely beneficial to me. I have learned how to use the Adobe tools such as Photoshop and InDesign, as well as the online tool Canva, to create different graphics. I have learned all about design and how to create and alter designs to make them the best. I really liked the format of this course and how our assignments were always due on Thursdays every week. Since this was an online class, sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of it and remember all you have to do, but by making everything that week due on the same day it helped me create a set routine for completing my assignments. I also liked how we always received feedback on our projects whether it was by comments or a video message. It was very helpful to hear what we did well and how we can improve. I think journaling was a unique part of this course because it helped us reflect on our work and what we learned. It is cool going back and reading my blogs from earlier this semester and seeing how far I come and how much I have learned. I grew a lot through this class. I think my designs have grown a lot, and I have also developed more knowledge and abilities that will help me in my future. This class was so helpful, and I think everyone should enroll in it.

PR Pubs Reflection