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This is it! The LAST. BLOG. POST. I honestly can say that at one point I genuinely wanted to get in to the whole blogging thing, but now there is absolutely no way. That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy this classes blog, but the work and upkeep that go along with it I don’t quite think I could do. For this class, I really liked how we incorporated the blog into the assignments. They were a way that we could showcase our work while giving a “behind the scenes” look into the process of the project. I liked how each week or two weeks we would have a project going on, and whether we completed an assignment that week we would still get the opportunity to reflect on what we had done, what we were currently doing, and what we were going to do next. While I was the queen of changing my mind mid-weeks I stand behind the idea that that was all part of the creative process (mine anyway). Getting it all down in blog format was a way that I could brainstorm and keep up with my ideas.

Despite my assumption that only Professor Croom really reads this, it was somewhat cool that someone else could be keeping up with my JMC3433 class online each week. In theory, I was a cool graphic designer where someone was obsessively waiting for my weekly post. But, alas, I am not and I am sure that no one was. None-the-less the tech savvy society that we live in is almost completely on-line so why not throw school assignments in to the mix too.


Over the course of the semester I really did get more and more comfortable in the Adobe Suite. I know that at the beginning of the course it took me no less than 3 hours per design assignment – yes, the business card included. But after a while I was getting better at the applications and quicker in my work. This final project was a true testament to that. Not to say that I didn’t spend a significant amount of time on it, but the process and overall execution of the programs were much more swift and comfortable. In addition I find that my design skills are getting better too. Just the ideas that I had I feel got better as the course went forward which is a good thing. Even if I am not in another design class I could see myself still using what I have learned even if only in a recreational setting.

Enough blabbering on, lets talk about my final project! I decided to make a Direct Mailer for the PR Publications course at Gaylord College. I thought that the Direct Mailer would give me more room to showcase what I wanted, while also throwing in a more persuasive aspect that the other mediums lacked. On the front I went with a more simple design because on the back it was all about the projects. I wanted to showcase all of them to really give students an idea of what they would be doing in class. I feel like I was really able to capture the feeling of Gaylord and the class in this project and I hope you enjoy!

The Final Countdown The Final Countdown