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Shoot the Serif 

So I downloaded the app for my phone so it would be easier to play and needless to say I’m already obsessed. I love playing games on my phone, and I think this is my new favorite. I wasn’t the best at identifying the difference between serif and sans serif fonts, but after playing this game for a while I feel like I could differentiate them in seconds. It is a fun and addicting game that is actually teaching you something and helping you identify them fast.

Type Connection

I thought this one was really interesting, because I have always thought that fonts showed personality. Depending on which one you use, a different message is portrayed. I liked how each one of these fonts had a back story and a personality. It made it fun and made the fonts come to life. I really liked learning about the different fonts, and it was cool that you paired the fonts together whether they were similar or different.

Kern Type

This game was also one of my favorites. I’m very OCD so I love stuff like this that is even and porportional. It helped teach you about kerning and the importance of the space between the letters, while making it a fun game that makes you want to be better than you were the time before. I really enjoyed this game, and it was really exciting when you got 100/100 on words! These were two of my favorites to do because I liked the fonts!

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