A Look Back

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This is it. The end of Spring 2017 PR Pubs for me. I looked back through all of my blogs and I have found a pattern. I always wrote about how hard the ordeal was for me when making my project. For example, just look here, here and here. However, every time I was frustrated… Continue reading A Look Back

Video Encoded

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After much heartache, I finished my video on Saturday of this week. However, I came in today to export and alas, my project file was too new for the school computer. So, to get my video encoded and exported I had to download a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro onto my laptop. Also, on Tuesday,… Continue reading Video Encoded

Week 13 in Review

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This week was a bust for me in many ways. PR publications was supposed to be a work week on our video project but on Tuesday of this week, I only got B-roll for my group mates. Even so, the B-roll wasn’t even that good. I was not experienced in using tri-pods and got some… Continue reading Week 13 in Review

Oh Canva

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After a great spring break, Tuesday started off with our new assignment in Public Relations Publications. We were to create social media content for a company of our choosing using the Canva platform. I enjoyed learning about Canva and its tools; however, I think I will not use Canva in the future. Don’t get me wrong,… Continue reading Oh Canva

Campus Lodge Research

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For PR Publications, I was tasked to take a tour of Campus Lodge Apartments. Suffice it to say, the experience was nothing spectacular. You can look at their information packet here. When I first walked through the door, I didn’t even have the time to sit down before being greeting by a leasing specialist. Her… Continue reading Campus Lodge Research