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This week was exciting primarily because on Thursday, Croom brought in a special guest speaker: Tiffany Haendel from Recruitment Services.

She discussed the basic principles of graphic design as they pertain to her work in university marketing. She also gave us a peek at how the office's communications work, explaining that potential students on OU's mailing list can receive emails, snail mail, and texts, if they sign up for the service. Slate, the program she used to achieve this form of hands-on marketing, is something I'd heard about but hadn't yet seen for myself.

She also passed around two examples of design work she'd done during her time here at OU, the first of which was harder to read despite its larger font size. Tiffany explained that higher leading improves readability even if the font size is smaller. She then proved her point with a second piece, which was meant to serve the same purpose as the former, that had those better traits.

Thursday's excitement didn't invalidate Tuesday's work, though. We watched videos on to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop. More of it was familiar to me than I thought it might be – GIMP is a similar program, albeit much less sophisticated – though I was amazed at the lesson on making selections.
In GIMP, you'd have to zoom in and spend hours making a very precise cutout to achieve anything remotely close to the same thing (I know because I've done it far too many times).

My other favorite lesson was the one about changing the color of an object within an image. 
I re-watched the video twice to get a better feel for the tools he used and the steps he took to achieve that final effect. I'll probably practice this technique on some mini project of my own soon so I don't forget how it works.

Overall, this was a good week for PR Pubs, and I'm excited to see what we do next.