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This week we watched Photoshop tutorial videos on Lynda. I've never really used Lynda until this semester and I've learned to really like it. The instructions are clear and I appreciate that there is a transcript to go along with the videos. Here are some new things I learned about Photoshop:
1. If you simply press "B" on the keyboard while using Photoshop, the brush tool becomes selected.
2. I liked the analogy that the layers on Photoshop are similar to a stack of papers. You can only see the top paper (or layer), but there can still be other papers (or layers) beneath.
3. I finally learned what the lasso tool does!

On Thursday, Tiffany Haendel from OU's Recruitment Services lectured our class. She was really insightful. Here are some of her tips and pointers that stood out to me:
1. Utilizing leading with a smaller font is more easily readable than using less leading with a larger font. The leading allows areas of lots of text to not look as cluttered.
2. OU now sends an acceptance BOX (instead of just an envelope) to admitted students. This is a way to make the recruitment experience more exciting and personable.
3. The point of sending mass communication emails, text messages, postcards and other mailed items is to communicate a call to action. Printing is especially expensive, so if a piece of mail does not serve a purpose or encompass a call to action, it could possibly be a waste of money. 

These are some of the biggest takeaways I got from Tiffany's lecture. Thank you for visiting us, Tiffany! You were very insightful. 
This old image on this University of Oklahoma postcard makes me think how far we have come with technology and graphic design. (Photo from The Postman Loves Me)