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​PR Pubs is picking up the pace and really testing our digital and creative skills. This week we dipped our toes in the water and tested ourselves in Photoshop. Yes, the miracle software. The one that makes everyone look gorgeous and not real. But we aren’t touching up model photos or anything… we are designing from scratch. Our class is still beginning to learn the lay of the land but we have been watching a lot of videos before creating our own direct mailer. Surprise that’s what is to come in my PR pubs class. Next week we begin to design our own personalized direct mailer for the residential colleges opening on campus. 
Today, we had a speaker from the admissions and recruitment office at OU; her name was Tiffany. Tiffany enlightened us on what really goes on being the advertising and media at OU. She described their software they use for emailing, texting and mailing out information. They target their markets specifically so they don’t waste OU funds on pointless postcards and to get the most out of their audience. She explained how OU personalized each postcard once so it felt unique to the new recruit. Tiffany not only spoke about the design aspect but also gave us future tips if we are interested in going into design or even just applying for an internship at OU. These were the five tips or ideas I took away from Tiffany’s presentation.

  1. Tiffany prefers her interns to have very minimal design experience so she can truly train and influence them. This was interesting to me because as I have been applying for internships, I have been rejected because I do not have 3-4 years of experience. Well what is the point of an internship?? If I am applying of course I don’t have experience. It’s a tough world out there guys!!
  2. Tiffany gets bored always creating a red postcard or using the same colors over and over again. She does this because this is the OU brand and changing it would mean the audience would not connect their advertising with OU. Would Apple change their logo just because they got bored always slapping an apple on their products? Nope!
  3. Tiffany starting out was not perfect at designing. She passed around a pamphlet that she created when first starting out that she said was awful and then showed us one she made three years later. Her design skills advanced through working at her job. This displays how you are constantly growing and learning in a design job. The game is always updating and changing.
  4. Tiffany has created many protocols for her staff and herself when designing for OU. I noticed in a lot of her slides there were always three points or strategies her office uses for everything. Everything goes through a process and a heavy editing cycle.
  5. Lastly, Tiffany’s presentation overall was not the most exciting, but you could tell she was passionate about OU, her job and trying to reach our class positively about the admissions and recruitment office. She really knew her stuff.
Overall, Tiffany enlightened our class more about what goes on being closed doors at OU and about the design background OU has. I am looking forward to working with Photoshop next week in class and listening to our next guest speaker. Stay tuned to preview my Photoshop work!
P:S: Tiffany described the new admissions box when you get accepted to OU. Apparently it’s a cute box not a folder like I got four years ago. How do I get my hands on one of those?
Always with Love,
            Heather Gilbert