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This week in PR pubs we began learning about Adobe Photoshop. I had significant experience with this program in the past but hadn't worked with it in a while so I was excited to jump back in again. 

On Tuesday, we began with watching Lynda videos to learn the in's and out's of Photoshop. Starting back at the beginning to learn the program was interesting because I knew how most of it worked but there were a couple things that I had forgotten. The videos were very informational and help remind me about things I had forgotten before.

On Thursday, Tiffany, from the admissions and recruitment office, came to talk to the class. She talked about the planning that goes into designing a piece for such large audiences. She explained how expensive it is to print pieces but also that when the number of pieces you print goes up, the price to print goes down as well as the price to mail. She said that different students receive different mailers, not everyone gets the same one. 

She began to explain that students with different levels of interest receive different mailers. There is also a program called slate that is used to identify different audiences. The program can identify people by race, age, location and several other factors. 

I'm excited to begin working on the direct mailers for the new residential colleges. I don't know a lot about them but I'm excited to learn.