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This week we began learning about media advisories and media pitches. The goal for both of these pieces are to communicate with journalists about events and organizations that are happening and encouraging them to write a story about the topic. 

Before this unit I didn't know how to write an advisory or a pitch. I knew what they were but didn't have any experience with them. It's really interesting to learn the most effective ways to communicate with journalists to encourage them to write a story about the event or organization. 

I would like to learn more about how journalists use this information to write stories and what else journalists would like to see in the advisory or pitch and topics that they wouldn't ever want to cover personally or things they are interested in. 

I already knew that becoming a public relations professional would mean communicating with journalists but I didn't realize how many different tools were used to communicate the message to them. Pitches and advisories are both very effective tools used for different things. 

This skill set will help me in my career because it will help me to communicate better with journalists which will then help get the word out more about my organization or event. Getting journalists interested in something that I'm doing will get the public more interested as well and will overall help my company.