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This week in class we were assigned to write 2 media advisories and 2 media pitches. I read the online lectures and formatting about media advisories and media pitches and was ready to jump in. Writing the media advisories wasn't too bad I just struggled some with what information was more important to include than others. When writing the media pitches I found it more difficulty. I had never written really anything like this and I really struggled with keeping my pitches short and but informational. My pitches did go over 150 words but I still believe they were concise and informative. Learning about media advisories and pitches helped me pick up on how to write concisely and how to pick and choose what information was most important to include. I would still like to get more practice on writing advisories and pitches and I think reading Pritch's feedback will also help a lot. I believe learning how to write a media advisory and a media pitch will help me be able to perform my tasks as a PR professional more efficiently and accurately. Learning how to write these will also help me be more qualified and prepared for my future career.