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Have you ever seen a poster that immediately grabbed your attention? You probably did not realize this at the time, but everything on that poster was intentionally created to grab your attention by using specific graphic design elements from using cool and warm colors to bold fonts.

There are simple things that creators can do to really connect with their audience. It is amazing how you can change the message of your story by simply changing the alignment, or adjusting the space between letters.

There are four basic principles of graphic design:

  1. Contrast
  2. Repetition
  3. Alignment
  4. Proximity

These four basic principles might seem simple, but the impact that they can have on content is unreal. It can make someone’s work go from boring and unnoticed to enchanting and popular. Every single aspect of design is used for a specific purpose.

You can see these basic graphic design principles all around you from billboards to posters. It is all strategically placed to target a specific audience. You will be surprised at how much you notice these little things after you learn more about the specifics of graphic design. I find myself analyzing every piece of content I look at now to see what the creator is trying to get across to his or her audience.

Here is an example of a sign that I decided to analyze after learning more about graphic design in my Public Relations Publications class. I saw this sign in Gaylord as I was leaving class. You might look at the sign and think it is pretty simple, but that is exactly why it stands out.

This sign perfectly displays all of the design values:

  • Simplicity
  • Minimalism
  • Clarity
  • Unclutteredness

It leads the audience’s eyes directly to the message: “Welcome to Gaylord College,” because of the design values used. It is very simple and minimal, yet it is very clear on its message. There is not a lot going on, which makes it easy and quick to read for the college students quickly entering and leaving the building.

It is so important for content creators to learn the simple, yet effective tricks of graphic design. It is a powerful tool that creators can use to really leave a lasting impact on their audience.