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Our next tool we are learning in Public Relations Publications is called Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a video editing software for professionals and novices like me. Anyways, our class has been tasked to watch some introductory videos on lynda, but I actually didn’t know where to start. So, I just watched a TON and I even watched some videos on youtube as well.

I found the experience very interesting listening to others talk about the possibilities of using adobe premiere pro. I haven’t had much trouble with tools; I think the real challenge will come when I have to actually film clips to edit. Otherwise, Adobe Premiere Pro is pretty sweet.

I assigned myself to learn a few things before class next week. For example, I want to learn how to censor people’s faces (head tracking maybe?) and learn the limitations of Premiere Pro. Also, the substitute teacher this week mentioned Adobe After Effects. I think it is kinda similar to a video editing software but it is more tailored to creating your own graphics.

I know I am bouncing around topics in this blog but it’s probably because I feel a little overwhelmed this week. I want to learn how to use this software, but then again, I have life obligations to attend too. Plus, there are other software like Premiere Pro and I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t try them out too.

one of them being final cut pro

I show much enthusiasm for products like Premiere Pro because video editing is a passion of mine. I remember I would spend hours video editing with just a limited tool like IMovie, which was more for beginners. If I could become enthralled with such a beginner’s tool then I just wonder how it would feel like to master such a tool.