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Greetings kittens, it’s Stella Mae here. Today I will be displaying my versatility by switching between my journalist identity, Jenny Baker, and of course my designer alter ego, the Stella Mae you have all known and loved, to discuss the showdown between two design platforms: Canva and Photoshop.

Jenny: Hi, Stella. How are you today?

Stella: Well, Jenny, I am just dandy.

Jenny: Good to hear. So, Stella, since we’ve already heard about your thoughts on Photoshop, why don’t you tell us a little bit about Canva?

Stella: Well, Canva is great because of its simplicity. It’s easy to use, most of its aspects and elements are free and the end products are very visually pleasing (at least they are when I’m designing them). But it definitely has its downfalls. First, the text options are not nearly as varied as the ones on Photoshop. Of course, you can download your own fonts, but sometimes that’s just too much effort. Something else I prefer about Photoshop is its use of layers, something that Canva does not utilize.

Jenny: What was the most difficult problem to overcome while using Canva?

Stella: Probably the frustration of preset text boxes. You can change the font and the size in these preset boxes, but you cannot change the placement of the text within it, which is very annoying when its not centered and you want it to be. On the other hand, this was also something I liked about Canva, because these preset text boxes are very aesthetically pleasing and easy to input your own information.

Jenny: So, the final showdown: What software do you prefer?

Stella: That is a very loaded question, and I think it is best answered by the assignments themselves. I think that Canva is great for smaller scale projects that don’t require as much attention and that are more simplicistic design-wise, such as social media posts. Contrastly, Photoshop is better for more in-depth projects, like direct mailers and other formats that require more aspects.

Jenny: How interesting! Any closing remarks on the two platforms?

Stella: All I have left to say is make Canva your canvas and Photo Shop till you drop!

Jenny: Well, there you have it. Stella Mae, back with another eye-opening interview. Stella, it has been a great pleasure.

Stella: Likewise. Ciao, kittens!