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As we progress further along with PR Publications, we continue to add new skills to see what else I am bad at. We started using Photoshop, and I think this is the most difficult one yet.
I feel like Photoshop has integrated itself as the go to picture editing software. It's one of those products that's so good at its job that it can be used as its own verb (like Google and Hula Hoop). I have been eager to get my hands on it, but when you first open the program up, it's very intimidating.
Just like all Adobe Creative Cloud products, it has the full set-up with two sidebars, a large top menu bar and a heck of a lot of sub-menus. I've tried to venture in myself a few weeks ago, but was completely overwhelmed and just clicked out of it in hopes of it going away forever.
However, when I got to class this past Tuesday, I was introduced to the magic website that knew that as an OU student I had access to this wealth of knowledge, but have hardly ever used it. It's an amazing site that teaches you new productivity and other business skills, similar to what YouTube used to be before being filled with one of the go to destinations formemes. 
We've been digging into theIntroduction to Graphic Design Courseby Justin Seely and he's a great teacher for something like this. If you're looking to learn some Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, this is a great video series to use.
Thanks for listening to what I had to say, and I hope you have a great day!