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PR Pubs has been an extremely helpful and defining course for me. Early on in the course, I felt rather discouraged. I hadn’t utilized any photoshop software since I was an eighth grader, and I have never thought of myself as a particularly creative person, so I assumed that the class wouldn’t have much effect on my education and would be rather pointless. However, this original perception of the course quickly changed. 

As the bigger and more intense assignments started to pick up, I began to “get in the groove” of designing as PR professional. Of course, my designing is no where near perfect, or even good (I personally believe perfect is a word created to define an unreachable standard), but my design skills and style definitely improved. I felt like the assignments that really showed my skills were the video project and the final project. Both of them allowed for a significant amount of my personality to shine through, and I believed that the presence of my strong voice helped to strengthen both of the pieces. Another one of my favorite assignments to complete was the social media graphics assignment, mainly because I could really see myself using that skill in the future. I think that these were the most impactful assignments for me because they allowed me to put my own personality into them and truly make them my own.

Looking back now, I wish I would have spent more time and effort on the business card assignment. I definitely put some effort into them, but I believe I could have designed them better and more creatively (but then again, I was just starting out as “Stella Mae”).

Most importantly, I think this course has given me the chance to grow as a public relations professional-though not in exactly the way I expected. Sure, I gained valuable design techniques and skills and increased my knowledge of the different design platforms utilized by PR professionals, but this course mainly helped to solidify my assurance that I was studying the right major. I have always loved communicating with others and writing, and as these two aspects are huge in PR, I assumed this was the right path of study for me. However, as time went on, I began to become skeptical. There were so many majors at OU, how do I know I picked the right one? And what if I didn’t want to do the agency life? What if I didn’t want to do PR at ALL?

But that’s the beauty of PR, at least to me: it’s ability to draw you in and push you out and draw you in again for good. PR is not a small-sectored career with little options for future jobs and career options; it is a multi-faceted part of the professional world with opportunities in nearly every section of work life. PR Publications helped me realize this because it was a course that I had truly never imagined taking and never imagined being essential for my major- but it was. The knowledge that, even with a specific major and choice of study, I have endless choices and options ahead of me is a huge weight off my shoulders and assures me that I am, without a doubt, doing the right thing.