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It's all done.
I just submittedmy final video project, and it feels good to be done. Not just in the sense of "whew, once less thing to worry about," but more so that I accomplished a lot in this class (the same cannot be said about most other courses).
This class has taught me so much about myself and what I want to do with my future. It's refreshing to have a PR/Advertising professor that didn't come from and is pushing an agency life. He brought in a few speakers who discussed how we would be using our PR skills outside of the "PR World". It's the practical application of the tools that we're being equipped with instead of the specialization that feels pushed on to us in our other Gaylord classes.
If there are any OU PR students who are reading this, I could not recommendAdam Croommore for this, or any, class. His approach to this course was ideal for a creative project based curriculum.  There are no grades, but he does provide quality feedback that I will carry with me for years to come. I think that having no grades works well, so that way your creativity isn't squashed because he didn't like the concept. It's more objective than that. He focuses on the concept and the functionality of your work.
Thanks Croom for a great semester, and for teaching me more than most other professors that I have had, currently have and likely will have.