Design Blitz

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Business Card Designs  Color There are many ideas when it comes to the concepts of color and design. The theory is that a person feels a different emotion based on the color that they see. Light pink or ivory along with white that is used in the bottom left card is thought to portray quietness, […]

Design Blitz

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Color is one of my favorite parts of design. I moonlight as a painter (it’s one of my favorite hobbies), and I love experimenting with color.  Color also alway drawn me to art, graphics, and publications.  The book I’m currently reading is a great example of color. It boasts an electric read which draws the readers eye and the splash of yellow carries the eye to focus on Mario Goetze. With the black typeface, the colors play on the colors of Germany’s flag.

Typography, although it is something I know very little about, has always interested me. I believe typography can make or break a publication. From my middle school days I was taught fonts like Comic sans and Papyrus could diminish a publications credibility. One of my favorite books is a great example of typography. A major theme of the novel is books, and one is cleverly displayed on the cover. The typography bends around the folds of the book, drawing the reader, and the mysterious man on the cover, literally and figuratively into the book. 

Minimalism & Use of Space
This example from Mad Magazine is a very poor example of minimalism and use of space. This table of contents is very cluttered and disorganized. There is no negative space which causes the viewers eye to frantically sprint around the page in an effort to make sense of it. I appreciate minimalism because I can often get overwhelmed by cluttered pieces. A little bit of negative space here or there allows my eye to take a breath and enjoy the design of the publication. 

Good proportion creates for a clean looking publication. In this example I found from the FIFA Competitions Event Management Handbook the chapter title pages display great proportion. Each chapter title page has a similar layout with a relevant photo on the left and the chapter title on the right. This proportional layout is one of my favorites I’ve found because it is to the point yet also provides a picture for some context. 

​Yet another example from the FIFA Competitions Event Management Handbook… This page breaks down the four special awards that are allotted for the FIFA Club World Cup. The pictures, headings and award descriptions are organized in a unified manner that clearly separates each award from the next. 

All in all, I have realized I enjoy colorful, clean designs. Not sure if I’ll ever again be able to look at the cover of a book without thinking about these different aspects of design .

Am I really that dumb?

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After playing some typography games, (Shoot the Serif, Type War and Kern Type) I realized I have some brushing up to do on my typography skills. I always thought I was vert detail oriented and could spot the differences between fonts easily, but this proved me wrong. Well for the most part anyway. In Shoot… Continue reading Am I really that dumb?

Typography Games!

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I had a bit too much fun with this activity; I mean it’s not everyday you get to play games as an assignment! My favorite game on this list was the Type Connection game. I enjoyed matching the fonts as if I was a real matchmaker! I also learned a lot about planning from that …

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A Professional Portrait:

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Who am I:

​I am a creative and organized junior at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a degree in Public Relations. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City. I attended Casady High School.

What I believe:

​I believe in being true to one’s self and putting your all into a project, whether that project is for work, school, or personal. 

What I do:

​I currently work as an Intern at VisitNorman. I’m responsible for updating the website and app with restaurants, shops, things to do and events. I also post to the VisitNorman social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

What guides and motivates me:

​I like being creative. I like making people happy. Combining these two makes me happy. Weather that’s using my skills to throw my friend a birthday party, or promoting a business through VisitNorman.

Where design fits in my life:

​I love pin-back buttons and have recently started designing and selling them to friends and sorority sisters. Many of my sorority sisters were interested in game day buttons. I decided to go out on a limb and purchase a button maker. I’ve really enjoyed designing buttons for all occasions. I’ve also designed senior salutes for high school yearbooks, snapchat filters, and more. Design is also important in my work life, whether that’s creating Instagram posts or updating the VisitNorman app.

Who? Me?

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​Every new semester, I have the pleasure of correcting my teachers. When taking roll, they call out ‘Margaret.’ While my birth certificate reads ‘Margaret Kendall Bleakley,’ I have only ever gone by Kendall, my middle name. Margaret is a family name. My mother is Margaret Amanda and my grandmother is Mary Margaret, neither went by Margaret. 


​I was born and raised in Oklahoma City. I attended Casady high school before attending the University of Oklahoma. I’m currently a junior public relations major. 

Jazzed and Motivated:

​I love creating new things and making people happy. As an intern at VisitNorman, I like helping local businesses through social media. 


​I’ve never done a lot of writing outside of school. Though I’m about to be posting blogs for two separate classes and a blog for VisitNorman. I suspect I will soon have a forced love of writing by the end of the semester. 

Design Blitz

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All of these ads and stories were found in a political magazine called MAD.  The first is called “Imagine” and depicts Donald Trump with a type of poem about what his “ideal world” may look like, according to a third party. I thought that the illustration and use of color was great because it captured …


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These typography games were very fun and informational. I especially liked the “Shoot the Serif,” game because it tested your speed in identifying serif or sans serif fonts. Not to mention it reminded me of the song “I shot the Sheriff” by Eric Clapton. But that’s beside the point. These games are just quick and … Continue reading “Typography”