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17 years old/ACT scores acceptable for admission and looking for a university that has more to offer than just academics My stakeholder is a high school junior who has been identified as a leader in their high school. They hold various positions at their schools, complete community service and are academically inclined. These students are from …

Direct Mailer Stakeholder

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For my direct mailer by stakeholder would be an average A/B high school student who is interested in higher level … More

Potential Stakeholders for OU Recruitment Services

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I have come up with two possible stakeholders to send direct mailers to. Direct Mailer 1 Stakeholder: Prospective high school student 17-19 years of age, ACT/SAT accepted scores For possible messages: point out the many aspects of OU- nice housing, scholarship, financial aid, sports, clubs/organizations, Greek life, etc. The main message/ call to action: “Come … Continue reading Potential Stakeholders for OU Recruitment Services

Thoughts on Unit 3.2 

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This week we wrote 2 media advisories and 2 media pitches about the Tipton Children’s Home and the bikeathon. It’s nice to know how to format these documents as they are important to any organization a PR professional might represent. I feel like these assignments would have been easier if I was more familiar with the home and the bikeathon. I was able to look up extra information about the home online, but the bikeathon is non-existent. I would have felt more comfortable writing about an event from my work. Also, since I am not familiar with Tipton, OK it was harder to find who to send the pitches too and even harder to find a way to connect with them. I eventually found the Altus times newspaper which is one of the larger towns next to Tipton. I wrote to a reporter who had written articles about organizations and events similar to Tipton Children’s Home and the bikeathon. 

3.2 Reflection Post: Media Pitch & Advisory

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This week we had to write our first Media Advisories and Media Pitches. Again all assignments were written on the Tipton’s Family Home. It is interesting to see how the information needs to be presented in slightly different ways across each platform. I am excited to continue to refine these skills and continue to see the different ways PR professionals interact with various audiences using various mediums. I think its always important, for any job in any field, to know how to communicate clearly to multiple audiences. 

2.3 Reflection Post: What a Journey it Was

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This first big project brought a lot of frustration and self doubt. But don’t worry, it ended well! I was asked to research an organization I could potentially see myself working with in the future. I was suppose to learn as much as could about them so that I could eventually design a business card […]

Reflection Time!

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So this week we were just working on finishing our business card and letterhead designs. I actually completely changed my business card idea. I kept playing with the field background, but it was just so hard to read. So I switched the background to anther football aspect, and what’s more football than an actual football? …

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