My final thoughts on PR Pubs.

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I can hardly believe that this class is going to be over and no weekly assignments are forcing me to explore different graphic design programs. I guess I have to force myself now! I was hesitant at first that an online course was going to be as effective as an in-class lecture. But I actually […]

Summary of Learning

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Throughout the PR Publications curriculum we have had the opportunity to learn design techniques to complete projects that will couple with the overall Public Relations curriculum. After learning the basics and completing novice activities to better understand design, we quickly jumped right in and began learning how to use Adobe Suite. The format of the … Continue reading Summary of Learning

The Final Countdown

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So this has been quite the semester! I honestly didn’t think I would ever learn the graphic design part of public relations because I’m definitely more of a writer and planner, but here I am! The format of the class was really simple to navigate and understand. That was really helpful because some of our …

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PR Pubs Reflection

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Having had no prior experience with Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, I enjoyed the format of this course because we got … More

The End

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The Final Project: For my final project, I decided to create an infographic. I am very confident in my skills with Canva, and I knew that it was important to submit a project that I had a lot of faith in. After dissecting the class, and going through every blog post, assignment and unit complete, […]

Reflecting on PR Pubs

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On my summary of learning, I made a direct mailer recruiting new students to this course. My summary of learning project represents how I’ve learned throughout this course, and how I think the course can help others the way it has me. It also helps show the appreciation for the content I learned during this … Continue reading “Reflecting on PR Pubs”