The End

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The Final Project: For my final project, I decided to create an infographic. I am very confident in my skills with Canva, and I knew that it was important to submit a project that I had a lot of faith in. After dissecting the class, and going through every blog post, assignment and unit complete, […]

Action Plan

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I have had this particular blog domain for a few years now. I created it for my very first Gaylord class and I have used it for a variety of other classes. Currently, it is a jumbled mess of various school assignments, and an archive of my education here at OU. I believe that it […]

Summary Of Learning

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I have chosen to create an infographic on Canva to display my summary of learning. I am a huge fan of Canva and really confident in my abilities with it. That is why I chose to use the infographic as my medium of design. I wanted to be confident in my creation so that I […]

Reflecting on My Blog Posts

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This class has been a whirlwind of assignments, design programs and stretching my creativity. I can honestly say, after reviewing my blog posts and reflecting on my time in the course, I have grown in my ability to brainstorm and work through creative blocks with the help of some handy tools, learning how to narrow […]

5.1 Reflection….The Struggle Was Real

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For this section I was asked to select a Fortune 500 company and create a newsletter for them using articles that already existed. First, I started with a dummy layout, and then after collecting articles and pictures I created the final piece. After considering my target audience, I finally decided to create for an external […]

Unit 5.1 Reflection

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This week I was asked to choose a Fortune 500 company, explore various newsletter design layouts and begin work on a newsletter for the company. This is a continued effort as, going forward, I will continue to research the company, find news stories to place into my newsletter and collect images. The first part of […]

Unit 4.1: My favorite week so far!!!

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I was really pumped about the unit this week, because I LOVE Canva. For the first time in this class I felt confident about my design abilities. Of course, I do enjoy working with Adobe programs, but Canva makes designing simple, and it never ceases to inspire more ideas/projects that you may have not  considered […]

3.3 Reflection

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This second design project challenged me to establish two different, but related audiences and create direct mailers for them in relation to the University of Oklahoma and what this great school has to offer. I was to completely dissect the psyche of each audience and decide what their needs were. With this information, I was […]

3.2 Reflection

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My first stakeholder played a huge role in the development of my second stakeholder, because my second stakeholder is the parent of the first stakeholder. I believed it was important to incorporate a parent as my second stakeholder, because parents often play a huge role in the education of their children and their decision making. […]

Second Stakeholder

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Description: Parents of Out of State (Oklahoma) high school juniors and seniors, w/accepted SAT/ACT scores who have shown interest in OU or have already been accepted and are making a decision I believe that this is an important stakeholder because parents often play a huge role in deciding where their children attend college. This is […]