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    • How was the course format?
      • I really enjoyed the format of this course. I felt as if the material was grouped well and each project prepared us for the next one. Especially as someone who has never used design applications, the course did a great job of helping me to learn skills before just throwing me into a design project. I also liked being able to see student blogs to see what other students were doing in class, something you usually don’t get to do in an online class. Designing for Emotion was also a great book for the course, I really enjoyed reading the book and hearing other student’s opinions on the material. Overall, I loved the format of this course and would recommend it to anyone that was taking PR Pubs.
    • How was journaling every week?
      • As someone that likes journaling in my free time, I liked reflecting on the course in this way. I think it’s important to be able to reflect and speak on your designs, so I thought that online blog posts were a great way to do this.
    • How was writing for a public audience?
      • At the beginning, writing for a public audience was scary at first. I feel like throughout my time in Gaylord, up until now at least, I was writing for myself, a TA or a professor. This was the first time that I felt like other people were reading my work and looking at my designs. This was intimidating at first, but I grew to look forward to comments and constructive criticism from other students.
    • How did you grow?
      • I had never used design applications prior to PR Pubs. Along with the lack of these skills, I was not confident in my design ability and was very hesitant to let people see my work. As the course went on, I grew much more confident in my ability and in my design ideas. I think this is the largest way that I grew. Also, I think that I grew in this course in the way that I learned to design for emotion and to fit a brand, all while incorporating my design style. I used to think that you had to sacrifice one for the other, but I’ve grown a lot in that way and have been able to incorporate my style into an organization’s branding.

My Summary of Learning project was a direct mailer in order to recruit students to join PR Pubs. I wanted to design a mailer that was patriotic and looked older or worn. For that reason, I used an American flag and Rosie the Riveter with patriotic stars and slogans. I used InDesign to create this mailer and found pngs to use in order to make the design work.Summary of Learning Summary of Learning2