My final thoughts on PR Pubs.

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I can hardly believe that this class is going to be over and no weekly assignments are forcing me to explore different graphic design programs. I guess I have to force myself now! I was hesitant at first that an online course was going to be as effective as an in-class lecture. But I actually […]

The Grand Finale

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My summary of learning project is an infographic that shows my journey throughout this course. I have combined nearly everything I have learned into this one assignment, such as the different design elements (balance, color, unity, etc.) all the way to the final couple projects. It explains a little bit of each of the major … Continue reading The Grand Finale

The Future of My Blog

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Me chilling on top of the Tooth of Time. I have been posting on this blog every week for this whole semester. It has been pretty cool to look back and see what all I have done. I think I am going to continue this blog. I don’t think I will blog about specific courses […]

What is happening to my design journey?

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Since I have always had this domain and use it for other things, too, I’ll of course keep it. I am not sure exactly what will happen to the blog posts, but I know that I will integrate all my design work to my other portfolio at It’s really great that this class has […]

Looking back and looking ahead.

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In my very first post, I defined my goals for this semester. One of my main objectives was to become proficient in Adobe, so I would not have to use templates and plug things into layouts created by other people. Before I started, people who know how to use Photoshop and InDesign were wizards to […]