Smartpak Competitor Analysis

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Smartpak is unique in that they corner the market when it comes to their packaging services. In my personal experience, I have not found another brand like them. Of course, there a many other brands that administer horse supplements and other products, such as Valley Vet Supply and Stateline Tack, but none supply quite like […]

The Fight For The Top In Software Tech – SAP

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While undoubtetly the No. 1 in Europe, SAP has tough competition especially in the North American market. Microsoft, Oracle and IBM are probably the company’s strongest competitors , but there is also some influence from companies like Hewlett-Packard, Adobe Systems, Bechtle and PSI, who are less focused on business software and more on hardware development. […]

Competitor Analysis: Professional TV

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Professional TV has been working hard for many years to have a positive relationship with their customers.   This organization differs from my competitors because it has so many years of experience. Professional TV has over 60 years of combined experience. Professional TV makes an effort to receive training every year on the manufacturers that [Continue]

Analyzing my Organization: Professional TV

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The organization I am helping out is Professional TV. They repair TV’s and do custom installations and removal and re-installation of mounted TV’s. They also install commercial and home HD antenna’s.   It’s main competitors are other Oklahoma based television repair services, such as Statewide TV Service, Harry’s TV Video & Appliance, Edmond Appliance & [Continue]

SmartPak: Healthy Horses, Happy Rider

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In the Equestrian world, the number one goal of any rider or owner is the health of their horse. A horse’s health relies on many things, from proper exercise techniques to barn safety, but possibly one of the most important elements is nutrition. Typically, horses eat hay, but it is common practice to administer nutritional […]

Outback Steakhouse Research

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According to their website, Outback Steakhouse was originally established in 1988 by four friends who had a dream of opening and owning their own restaurant. They envisioned a casual atmosphere, with quality food and top of the line service. To stand out, the chose to have an Australian themed restaurant and those accents still shine… Continue reading Outback Steakhouse Research

Under Armour FAQ’s

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The overall mission of Under Armour is “to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation,” according to the Under Armour website. Under Armour sells everything from athletic clothing, to shoes, equipment, and more for women, men, and children. Some of the main competitors for Under Amour are Nike, Adidas, … Continue reading Under Armour FAQ’s

Competitor Analysis

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My company is Outback Steakhouse and one of its biggest competitors is SaltGrass Steakhouse. Although Saltgrass has more creative options such as intricate toppings for their protein; Outback’s flavors are bold and flavorful, not needing all of those other ingredients. Outback also differs from SaltGrass in that they are based out of Australia, and have… Continue reading Competitor Analysis