Summary Of Learning

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I have chosen to create an infographic on Canva to display my summary of learning. I am a huge fan of Canva and really confident in my abilities with it. That is why I chose to use the infographic as my medium of design. I wanted to be confident in my creation so that I […]

Attacking my Summary of Learning.

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Ugh, this is the assignment I dreaded the most. For our last project, we have to create a summary of what we learned in this class and showcase it in a creative way. Our professor would prefer seeing a video or an animated story, but spoiler alert, I am not good at making videos, a.k.a. […]

Final Project

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This is my picture book, made on Storybird of my journey through PR Pubs. I chose this because it was different than anything that I had done before and thought it could be cute and cheesy to do. Click the link below to check it out.