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I’ve decided that for the last project, Summary of Learning, I will be convincing an audience to take PR Publications through the means of an InDesign Direct Mailer.

To tackle this assignment I will use my standard process of thought:

1.) Who is my audience?

2.) What action am I trying to get them to take?

3.) How does my client best benefit from this action?

4.) Can I utilize humor?

5.) Let’s Get to Work

InDesign is the tool in my design belt that I feel most comfortable utilizing after having completed this course. I believe that this final project will showcase well my process for completing design tasks as well as be a gauge of my ability to complete InDesign tasks.

I believe I am going to want to take on the extra challenge of convincing someone who is not a Gaylord major at all to take this course, I think that will give me more design experience. I will want to put myself in that niche’s shoes and think “what is PR Publications? How could it help me?” Once I have done that, I think that I will be able to hit the ground running on the design work.