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For the second stakeholder in my direct mailer assignment, I’m choosing to address donors, who support the scholarship fund for international students. While my first direct mailer is more on the playful side, I will probably need to be a little more formal for this one. The purpose of the first direct mailer is to sway international students into committing to OU after they have expressed some interest. For the second one, I want to sway donors into emptying their pockets for exactly those students.

I’m not quite sure about the design concept yet. All I know is that I want to have a little more sleek feel to the mailer, as well as using some more traditional elements that donor can identify with, e.g. the schooner emblem and the Oklahoma type. I also want to include some nice shots of campus and maybe one or two pictures highlighting achievements from international students. The information on the card has to convey the  impact these donors can make on the lives of these students, as well as examples of how previous donations have payed off.