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Well it is coming close to the end of the semester. That means it is time for my summary of learning assignment, and in the words of Li Shang from Mulan, “Let’s get down to business.”

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(Sorry guys I had to. I love Mulan.)

I am planning on doing a digital story book on Storybird. I have not seen these before and I think they are pretty cool. Check this one out.

I will need to develop a story for this book first. I want to write a story about a girl who is great at designing things in nature and is very outdoorsy, and finds out that she can design on projects for public relations too. I am going to write a base for the story to start off. Then I will search Storybird to find photos that will relate to my story. I can adjust my story to fit the photos better.

I will be using the analysis-synthesis bridge model to work on this project. I will use researching, interpreting, prototyping and describing to finish this project.