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This week, we were finishing off our newsletters and I am happy I continuously worked on it over the last couple of days┬ábecause I would have never been able to finish it in a day. I already had a pretty solid layout but the enormous length of the articles forced me to change up some of them. I decided against having more color in my newsletter because I felt like the pictures were already really colorful and I also didn’t think that engineers or investors would like to see an overly busy design. Overall I am super happy how it turned out, even though it was much more work than expected. But as long as you keep up working on it during the course of the week, it is totally doable to meet the deadline.

I don’t know why but after finishing this week’s unit, I felt like looking back at my beginnings and it really struck me that I have come quite far already. I seriously never expected to learn much from this course because I never wanted to be a graphic designer in the first place but the way we are learning in this class makes it impossible not to improve with every project. I like that the different steps are not too intimidating to follow but at the same time challenging enough to make me get better every week. I actually feel comfortable enough to put Adobe Suite on my resume now and when my dad asked me to make some designs for his business newsletter I said yes! I’m excited to make some more pieces outside of class.