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This design project was fun and a little difficult. We were asked to make two direct mailers that catered towards two different audiences. I thought the whole idea of the assignments was fun and creative, but actually trying to create what I had in my head was a whole other story… I went into the assignment with open arms and an open mind but towards the end I just got more and more frustrated. Nothing was lining up and moving the way I wanted and I think I accidentally deleted my design nearly 3 times so that was annoying me.

I used to think I was getting the hang of everything, but not so much any more. I think the only way I will learn is to obviously keep practicing with more and more assignments. I eventually will get the hang of it, I hope. I knew this part would be my weakness in the class. If I had to pick between Photoshop and InDesign, I would pick Photoshop for sure, because it is easier to use for me. I know I reacted to my final drafts the way I did because I was just frustrated not being able to create exactly what I picture in my head.

Here are two websites that I referred to when I needed help:

Here are the two copies of my final drafts of the direct mailers: Final Direct Mailer 1Final Direct Mailer 2