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Sunrise on the Tooth of Time at Philmont Scout Ranch.

I have always done my best reflecting while in the outdoors, and seeing some of Mother Nature’s beauty. So I had to include a photo of the Sunrise on the Tooth of Time (that’s the mountain in my header picture).

This semester I took a class called Public Relations Publications. I will be honest, I was super nervous. I had no skill with Photoshop. I was the public relations officer for my high school robotics team though. I used a program like Photoshop called GIMP. I still was not very good at GIMP though. I struggled through every moment of that program.

So when our first couple of weeks was a “boot camp” about Photoshop and InDesign, it was a HUGE relief. I was actually going to learn about the design process and how to work the programs.

Over the next few weeks, I used Photoshop and InDesign to make projects, but I had to look back at the boot camp to figure out how to do things. I made a business card for a local company, two direct mailers for recruit concurrent students to the University of Oklahoma and their parents, four social media posts for Todd Danker Carpentry (another local business), a newsletter for Lowe’s, and now I am working on my final reflection. I felt most comfortable with the social media posts though. I was able to create those quickly, and am still proud of them.

On most these projects though, I realized that I could have done more each. At the time I felt like I was doing all that I could, but over the semester I have realized just how much I can do. The possibilities are limitless.

I thought that maybe mid-semester I would turn a corner, but I did not. It took until the last three weeks of class for me to realize just how much I can do. I think that I can use all these skills I learned this semester later on in my public relations career. I feel like I can go into the real world of PR and be prepared. I am excited to see where this journey leads me.