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Other than reading another chapter in Designing for Emotion, this week we were asked to pick a Fortune 500 company and begin creating a layout for a newsletter we are going to make for that company. I chose Apple as my company. I responded fine to what we were asked to do because I don’t mind writing a newsletter, but when I realized we have to design the layout and everything I started to get nervous.

I had a difficult time starting the layout, but as I did it, it got easier. I think I got nervous for the layout of the newsletter because I am still not good at InDesign and I feel like I barely know how to use it (even though I somewhat do). I am looking forward to actually writing the stories and news pieces that go into the newsletter and then making it look good with last minute touches.

Here are two websites I used to help with page layouts in InDesign:

Here is a photo of my dummy layout:  PR Pub- Newsletter Pg. 1   & PR Pub- Newsletter Pg. 2