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For our second design project we were asked to create 4 separate social media designs on Canva about a certain topic. I picked my sorority and made a Facebook cover photo, a Twitter cover photo, a Facebook post about an event and then a Instagram post. I was happy with the design I made and I think I reacted well because I actually felt like I knew what I was doing. I have used Canva many times before and I think it is the best website ever to make easy designs if that kind of thing is hard for you- like me. Canva is very user friendly and you can make designs that look amazing with very little work.

Canva is also beneficial because it has so many templates and layouts already made so you just edit them to how you want it. A public relations practitioner can easily use the various tools on Canva to make different designs for their client. Also if you just need some ideas Canva is great for that as well. I am excited to use Canva in the future and for other classes, especially now that I have learned more from the tutorials.

Here are a couple of the designs I made this week on Canva: