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The past couple weeks we were asked to do several different writing/PR assignments. First we wrote a backgrounder on our client, then an organization fact sheet showing quantitative data, and then a biography. We were also asked to create our own client logo, two different themed Infographic’s, and then a document showing 4 different photos about our client. Finally this week we were assigned to write two different kinds of news releases about our client.

I feel like I responded well to all the assignments from the past couple weeks. Nothing has been too difficult once I got going. I actually liked creating the logo and Infographic’s. After all the writing I have done in the past 2 and half years I feel like these assignments are kind of like a test to see what we have learned and if we can apply it. However, for the news releases this week, I am still working on them so I am not sure how I completely feel about the two. These are definitely assignments I am more worried about because we haven’t written news releases in this class thus far.

I think everything we have done and will do in this class will help us in the real public relations field no matter what area we focus in on. Everything begins with the basics and especially with our writing. For our jobs writing is key and with more and more practice with such assignments we will only become more confident and better at what we are asked to do.

Here is a link that has given me great tips on how to write a press release:

Here is a picture of the websites homepage:

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