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I can hardly believe that this class is going to be over and no weekly assignments are forcing me to explore different graphic design programs. I guess I have to force myself now! I was hesitant at first that an online course was going to be as effective as an in-class lecture. But I actually really liked that it let me decide when I want to do my assignments and how I many times I need to rewatch a tutorial. Professor Croom was still always available to answer any questions. The material on canvas was well-structured and easy to understand. I also liked that the bulk of the course load was in the beginning of the semester, which gave me more time to focus on other classes at the end of the semester.

I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of the journaling but I slowly realized that it helped me understand my own development process better. Sometimes I only realized how much progress I made when I started writing up my journal post for the week. I am not sure how many people actually read my posts — and for sure they were more directed toward myself — but I definitely tried to be entertaining.

I grew so much in this class. I think I definitely adopted more of a growth mindset. Now, I don’t think I will shy away from a challenge as easily as before. I learned that some things just take time and that it is going to be rewarding to see the final product. Again, I would totally recommend this class to anyone. You will get out as much as you put into it. I would love to see an ‘advanced’ PR Pubs class or a ‘beginner continued’!