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This week we were asked to pick a Fortune 500 company and create a newsletter for them on InDesign. At first I thought this design project was going to be very hard and that my newsletter would turn out terrible, but I actually surprised myself. Once I got the hang of it, I got on a roll and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. My company was Apple so I stuck to like black, white, and grey because those are their main brand colors, but I also added red for the headlines and bylines because my big cover story was their new special edition red phone. I thought adding the red headlines made it “pop” more.

The target audience that I was going for was more general and the loyal apple customers. The newsletter talks about their new color phone, the new features Apple created, and the new watchbands coming this spring, and then the new updates on a certain app. All the stories were like new or important cool things people find interesting. I, for example, buy Apple products and I would personally read something about the new watchbands and find pictures cool to look at. Overall the way my newsletter turned out made me happy and I feel a little more confident with the InDesign program.

Here are two links to some of the stories I chose and to Apple: &

Also, here are the first two pages to my newsletter: PR Pub- Newsletter Pg. 2PR Pub- Newsletter Pg. 1